Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Apple's secret strategy

Apple will always be a hardware company. They earn their money by selling iPod's, PowerMac's, XServes, iMac's, MiniMac's, PowerBook and iBooks. In the past, they had to make sure Mac OS X was brilliant, otherwise there was no reason to buy Apple Hardware. But thinking about their switch from PowerPC to Intel chips. Then the future for Apple is so bright. Where you could only run OSX on those wonderful machines (= Apple's cashcow), you can now run Windows on this hardware platform too. So you can better buy your hardware from Apple, this way you can run Windows and OSX. Not to speak about the much better engineering you get, or about the very nice design, or the better service and support, etc. Ofcourse you can run Linux on everything, but for now, this is only important on servers. If I'm right, you can better start buying Apple stock. Johan Coppieters, Duo nv, Brugge, Belgium.