Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Apple's (iPod) robustness

Yesterday, my 18 year old daughter came back from a school trip to Italy. When driving from Rome to Pompei their bus caught fire. Luckily nobody got hurt. However they all had to leave the bus in a hurry. So most kids couldn't take their hand luggage with them. Before the fire department arrived, the bus was on fire and all back rows completly burned out.

One of her friends had to leave his iPod and inMotion sound dock. When the fire department was through, they could recover what was still recognizable.... The plastic on the iPod is completly bubbled and burned. The iPod is more or less melted into the sound dock.

But after a little bit of cleaning, the friend moved the "lock slider" and pushed the "play" button... the incredible Apple Logo appeared. Seconds later it was booted and we selected a playlist and the iPod started playing music. No, not through the speakers, they didn't survive the flames, not made by Apple either. But the iPod works fine. Even the touch sensitive wheel still does its job. Great stuff, Apple!